My Ultimate Blueprint to Freedom

The world has been begging me to reveal the secrets to my succes in English, it's finally here.

What is this? Why me? 
No one ever did it like me.

Watch this video to see all that I and my long awaited English Course has to offer:

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See the results for yourself

These are all from my Dutch clients and all results are from the past year until now

What's inside?

The ultimate and up-to-date Ecom Course

In this course I will teach you everything that I and my team of experts know about: Product research, Branding, Ecommerce, Shopify, Selling online, Suppliers, Ads, Scaling, Marketing and so much more

No previous knowledge required, step by step guide in English.

Access to learning platform with 10+ Modules of hours upon hours of educational videos, recorded group calls, access to my personal contacts in supply, design and marketing world

Simple to follow, up to date and highly effective

What will I teach you in this course?


I will help you map out the vision and will give you my blue-print to making a succesful brand.


I explain how to shift your mindset from your current state to the all dominating EKO Mindset. In both business and life.


How to find the best products to sell? How to spot opportunites in the market with data and tools? I tell you all of it!


Get into the psychology and ways of designing strong, memorable and addictive brands.


Get into the psychology and ways of designing strong, memorable and addictive brands.


All the secrets and experiences I gained over the years in running succesful and scalable facebook ads


I show you how to leverage ads on the massively popular and useful Tik-Tok.


How to find the right influencer, what too look for in their profile and how to negotiate a good deal.


Where to find talent, how to onboard and lead them and get the best results in Ecom while doing less work yourself!


Gain access to all the suppliers that I've worked with and I explain to you how to find good suppliers and negotiate the best deals.


I will reveal a completely new way to do ecommerce in 2023; no payment problems, no spying on your stores, best conversion methods.


I will show you all how I gained over 900k Followers in a span of 1 month.

I will refund you up to 60 days

I will refund you within 60 days of your purchase

My only aim is to give you all the value with 0 risk

Details to refund policy can be found here


Are you done playing small?



Frequently Asked Questions about Ecom, me, my coaching, my course and anything related to it:

Is Ecommerce Halal?

Some scholars argue that ecommerce is permissible as long as the products or services being sold are halal (permissible), the transaction is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and the terms and conditions of the sale are clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties. They also argue that ecommerce can have positive benefits, such as increasing economic opportunities and facilitating access to goods and services.

Our advice is based on Islamic scholars stating that as long as your communication with the supplier and client are fair and transparent and you can fulfill your promise of the order you are doing Halal business.

Will this work for low budgets?

Yes, we have specific strategies for low budgets on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. We teach you about creating good content and viral marketing in general and how to find organic leads for your products.

Can I do it from any country I am from?

Yes, it does not matter where you live or where you are at at the moment to use this method successfully, the only thing that you need to make money with Ecom is your laptop and a connection to the internet.

Do I get everything I need in this course?

You will receive coverage of all the subjects that are required to master to reach my own level of success or higher: just like some of my students have done. If you want to know more about the course content's click here.

Is there a succes guarantee?

I guarantee to refund your purchase within 60 if you can show that you did everything I instructed in the course and we will both take a look at your webshop and whether or not you applied all that I've said. I cannot guarantee your success as this is dependent of your own willingness to put in the work. What I can guarantee is that if you follow ALL the steps that I show you will be in a very good position to be succesful.

Will this work for high budgets?

It definitely will. We spend up to $7,000 a day on ads in some cases, this goed mostly for ads and accounts that have scalable ad creatives (good ads) and have a good ROAS (Return of Ad Spend)

Do I need to be a marketer to benefit from it?

You don’t need high-level advanced knowledge to take full advantage of  this training. Basically if you’ve setup ad campaign before on other platforms and spent over $1000 on ads you will be able to take a full advantage of it.

Will this work for any niche/ industry?

Most of our accounts are eCom/Dropshippping related and this is the  industry the with benefit HEAVILY from Tiktok/Facebook ads.

As long as we can reach people that might be interested in a certain product on any platform we can realise a conversion.